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Failing Now | Do Not Resuscitate | Sales Pipeline Life Support Needed

Sales Pipeline Management: Your Sales Crystal Ball or Your Worst Nightmare

Sales Pipeline Management is the key to predictable and stable sales performance.

A sales pipeline can be the very biggest source of comfort and joy or your biggest nightmare.

There is a massive relieve from knowing your sales pipeline is stable because that means predictable sales growth, sales security, certainty and the ability for any business to produce accurate sales forecasts….

Judgement and decision making around sales outputs is good.

The flip side is a world of pain that no business needs!

So today, whether you’re a sales leader or a sales person, let’s think about your sales pipeline.

The health of your sales pipeline may be more critical than you imagine, and I’d wager you good money, your sales pipeline could perform a whole lot better for you.

How do I know?

Because proactive sales pipeline management is a much under rated task.

It’s often a long way down on the list for busy sales managers to look at and audit as often as they should.

But for those that do, for sales professionals who really work their sales pipeline, it becomes their true north.

The sales pipeline feeds the accuracy and honesty of the sales forecast…so managing the sales pipeline is a high priority task.

And the cost of not doing so is high.

The sales pipeline is the holy grail of sales crystal balls.

Your’s isn’t?

It should be.

Sales Pipeline Management Facts

Based on 100’s of completed Sales Insights Audits I’ve completed, typically, the profile of a typical sales pipeline will show you it’s a mixed bag.

For example.

  • You’ll have some great prospects in your sales pipeline
  • Some rubbish in there
  • You will have new leads in there
  • You’ll have some very old leads in there
  • Some entries in your sales pipeline will be ready to close, some just in the process of being opened up
  • Other records will offer you huge sales rewards and some will barely cover the sales acquisition costs
  • Some you’ll love dealing with, some you’ll want to shoot
  • Others won’t know what they want, some will know exactly what they want but can’t afford it
  • Some will be liars, some will be chancers and some will be using you to get a better price to beat your competitor with
  • Occasionally, you’ll find those who will enjoy your hospitality with no intention of buying from you
  • Some will have told their team to always say they’re in a meeting when you call
  • Often there will be others who will always see you to chat…picking your brains for free is part of the deal…right?
  • Some will think they know best, yet continue to fail, they want to do it the hard way first

BUT, most importantly – You won’t be able to really tell the good stuff from the bad stuff with any great degree of objective certainty.

And that’s an issue!

An issue you can avoid using Smart Sales Forecasting

Above is just a fragment of what you might find in a typical sales pipeline…t

The good, the bad and the ugly is just a cliche, so how about the prospect, the chancer, and the waster?

Key reminder: if you’re like most sales teams your sales pipeline is 90% rubbish and 10% gold.

Sales Pipeline Management: Think Again

I’m not jesting when I tell you that your sales pipeline should be your Holy Grail.

It REALLY is your sales crystal ball if only you’d let it be.

No-more guessing.

No more getting half way through the month and realising the sales target is just not going to happen this month.


A great, well managed, quality based sales pipeline gives you and your business all the sales intel they need to remove risk and to provide the basis for a health sales result at the end of every month.

Plus, it’s a great start for a replicable sales and business development team…but that’s an aside.


Today, when you look at your sales pipeline, think about this:

Think about getting rid of all the dead beat prospects, all the prospects that are just taking up space, the ones that your eyes fly over without registering any more, the prospects that give you hell and always want something for nothing, the prospects that take forever to pay, the firms that only use you when your competitors have put their account on stop.

Say no to continually calling those prospects that don’t respond to calls, ignore emails, tell you time and time again that they’re the decision maker when you suspect they’re not.

Reposition those prospects that have said yes 10 times and never sent the order, say goodbye to the prospects who give you grief or just call you in to batter you on price with threats to go to your competitor.

Make today the day you say ENOUGH!


I mean it.

There is no need to be a sales stalker.

Your time is precious because you can earn whatever you want when ever you want. If only you can manage your time.

A poorly managed sales pipeline is a killer.

Discerning sales pipeline management will definitely enhance your ability to close business effectively and efficiently.

And if you need help in that area – check out The Sales Improvement Workshop

Poor sales pipeline management will also compromise the quality of the sales you close.

Instead of carting around 600 questionable sales prospects (for example) be very cute and very commercially attuned to where you’re spending your time (and therefore your money) and clean out all the gunk because all those prospects that you’ve been nesting in the hope they’ll somehow wake up to the value you could deliver, probably won’t!

Give Up On Being A Sales Stalker

Surrender the wasters to the universe…at best your competitors will pick them up and get mired in the prospect’s maybe promises.

At worst, you’ll have set yourself free. Free to concentrate your fabulous skills, efforts, talents, time and money on prospects that are worthy of that investment.

So with pride, with head held high, and a huge sense of relief and rebirth slap those DNR stickers all over the prospects that are clueless, not interested, not worthy and just stuck.

Instead, march forward with the brave, the enlightened and the glorious because that’s what you deserve!

Your sales pipeline is your key to sales glory, endless commission and a genuine joy of doing a great sales job…and your discerning sales pipeline management skills are crucial to you achieving this.

Ditch The Losers!

You owe it to yourself.

Fly higher and devote time to the prospects that have the potential, insight, budget and mindset to work with you.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your sales prospects or the quality based criteria in your sales pipeline.

Your sales pipeline management could be all that stands between you and huge sales success.

Happy Selling

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Sales pipeline management is an art backed by science, let’s work out how to sift the good from the bad so you get the sales results you need when you need them.

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