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How to Beat Everyone in Sales | Free Sales Support

The Free Sales Health Check – it’s the 101 of great sales performance!

I offer it because without doubt, I’d like everyone to realise / understand that sales is super simple.

And it’s super simple whether you’re wining the sales game or you’re failing miserably and daily dying a thousand deaths…

So, call me, let’s get you booked in…

Aren’t you just a little bit curious?

Interested to see if your sales team are giving it all they’ve got?

Wondering if there is a smarter way, and easier way, a faster way, better way to get the results you want?

Fancy sense checking your sales team against high performance sales teams?

Wondering where to invest your precious sales management time to get the greatest returns fast?

Book now for your Free Sales Health Check

If you’re struggling to see the real potential of your sales team…

When you’re tired of wondering if your expectations are too high, or if the market is really that tough…

If you feel your sales team should be delivering at a higher level…

Or maybe it’s as simple as you know something needs to change in the sales team, but you just don’t know what or where to start…

Worry No More | Book your Free Sales Health Check Now

I focus on looking at the easy wins in your sales team. After all this is the home of the 30 day Fast Track Sales Improvement plan and the Plug and Play Modular Sales Improvement System.

I’ve found, over 25 years, that Sales improvement need not be complex, and it rarely requires drastic action (but not always, sometimes you do need to cut your loses and start again!)

Either way, any form of improvement in the sales results certainly does involve you knowing exactly what’s causing your sales problems…and knowing what to do about it!

In the words of Lincoln:

 If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend six sharpening my axe

And, it’s the same with sales improvement.

Thinking about the problem, looking from all angles, collating and reviewing all pertinent data means no rash decisions, no knee-jerk decisions and certainly no upset to the sales function (because after all, that almost always never ends well)

Once you know that, you can apply your wisdom and knowledge, and considerable focus to solve the issue/s.

That’s where your free sales health check starts.

Book Now!

It’s 90 minutes…to discuss any sales issues you have.

We can focus on a very specific issue or sales performance in more general terms.

The choice is yours.

All yours.

In total confidence.

And there will be no sales pitch – this is a free exchange of information.

Just call 0114 236 1221 or email


I’ve spent the last 18 years doing mainly sales turnarounds, sales builds, sales rescue and sales improvement programs, training sales teams in highly competitive environments, structuring sales teams, sales functions, sales process and sales strategy.

Now I have lots of sales insights and I need to commoditise those, but first I need to understand something.

I have a fairly good handle on what some of the biggest sales challenges are out there, for firms in all sectors, all sizes and all ages.

What I don’t know is this:

What business owners, sales team leaders, sales managers and sales coaches are comfortable doing unsupported in the workplace.

That’s what I hope to get in exchange for our time together.

A sense of what I, as a designer of sales improvement courses, that will be undertaken remotely with minimum or zero support, can expect my sales leaders, trainers, coaches and managers to do.

So you see, you’ll be helping me as much as I’m helping you.

Fair? I think so…do you?


For the reason above, this is a very limited offer and may be on offer infrequently as the business transitions, however, I aim to engage withing 24 hours of receiving your booking request, and aiming for the consultation to take place no later than one week after we set a date.

If you’re still thinking about it…pick up the phone anyway, 10 mins and we’ll know if it is worth your time.

Just call 0114 236 1221 or email

Whilst you’re thinking, here are some of the subjects we’ve covered recently: how to roll out price increases when the competitors are discounting, how to recruit better quality sales people who stay longer than 6 months, how to remove a long serving sales manager who’s not responding to the needs of the business, how long to give a new sales team before starting formal performance management, what should a good commission structure look like, increasing activity levels without everyone claiming over work, qualifying great sales prospects, what should a good sales process look like…

What do you want to talk about in your free sales heath check?

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