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Close More Sales | Discover How to Hit Sales Target

Everyone wants too know how to close more sales

How to hit sales target.

How to discount less

And, whilst doing all of that, still get the orders coming in thick and fast…

Having that kind of wish list, in fact having any wish list that has ‘hitting sales target’ on it , means there are lots of factors to consider.

Some of those factors are in your control and some of them are so out of your control that you really are working in the lap of the gods.

Aggressive, high discount competitors hit even the best businesses now and then.

Perhaps a competitor innovates and revolutionises your market space.

Maybe your buyers just don’t follow the trends and fashions they used to.

These factors aren’t all totally out of your control, but they are events that tend to impact organisations who are doing ok.

Until they’re not doing ok, if you know what I mean…

Now, what about the factors that are in your control?

Those factors that increase your chances of being able to hit your sales target

When you ask most under performing sales people about how to hit sales target they’ll probably tell you they need a better product/service, at a cheaper price and they want more hot leads.

You’ll even hear them blame their poor sales performance on ‘the competitor has a better product than us, it’s cheaper too’, ‘our terms we’re as good’, ‘we don’t do X’, ‘the buyer just wanted us for a price comparison’

Rarely will the sales person reflect on their mindset.

Not considering their skill level, their ability to deliver huge value to the customer or the genuine desire to serve the needs of the buyer.

‘Close more sales!’ is the battle cry of sales management.

That’s to be expected.

As part of that, there is huge value in unpicking what it means in terms of sales leavers to use to positively influence the buyer.

How to hit sales target is not a mystery. It’s a complex mix of stacked factors that are proactively worked.

How to Hit Sales Target: The Perfect Sales Recipe to Close More Sales

There are 3 critical elements in the Perfect Sales Package:




2 out of 3 won’t cut it.

No chance.

The very best pitch to the wrong prospect…dead opportunity and wasted time. You’re a busy fool.

A mediocre pitch to the right prospect, means you probably won’t get the chance to find out if your presentation is any good. The opportunity won’t mature that far.

If you want to close the sale – then only 3/3 is good enough.

How to hit sales target is a question often ignored in the context of stacking up the chances of getting a positive outcome rather than a negative outcome.

In the final reckoning, all an order reflects is that you got more ticks in your column than the other guy.

There are over 100 sales levers any sales person can yank in any sales interaction to sway the chances of closing the sale in their favour,

How many of your sales team know these levers?

How many of your sales team proactively use these levers consciously to stack the chances of closing more sales in their favour?

Prospect, Pitch, Presentation are three very basic headings…but uncover so much in terms of sales levers.

Don’t expect to close more sales without mastering the 3 P’s and understanding the sales levers in play.

Where Do Most Sales Processes Fail?

Invariably it’s not pitching to the Perfect Sales Prospect.

Aiming your product or service to a prospect too far down the food chain, someone who is neither critically interested or chronically in enough pain to care what your solution can do for him/her.

Talking to anyone within the business who is happy to talk/engage but who has no actual budget, decision maker power or investment in identifying or solving the problem your solution addresses.

Spend your time talking to anybody rather than THE somebody means you’re just churning rubbish through your sales pipeline.

Busy fool!

Ain’t nobody got time for that! Yet still too many sales people, and poorly managed sales teams still do.

First rule of selling – make sure you’re talking with someone who could buy, has the budget, authority, need and urgency to buy. You can read more about that here – Engaging the Perfect Prospect 

Whilst you’re considering the commercial value of some of your current sales prospects in your sales pipeline, think on this.

You are not an order taker!

That means you’re job is not to find people who want to buy.

Your job is to create need.

Your job is to create urgency, so prospects want to buy.

If you can’t take a perfect prospect and build such value then I’d question your sales will, skill or commercial acuity.

Great sales people don’t close, anyone can do that, great sales people create urgent need.

Discovering how to hit sales target and close more sales is a process…there are left and right turns, definite fails and sure fire wins. The trouble is under performing sales people do their learning in the field, in live situations.

Ask yourself many times do you reckon an average bomb disposal expert has decommissioned live practice bombs before he goes and has to do it in the field?

But What About the Sales Pitch?

Yeah, that can trip you up to.

Most sales people don’t ask nearly enough questions – and that’s sad.

It’s sad because prospects like questions.

They like explaining.

They love people who are interested in them.

Those who care.

Who want to know more.

The Perfect Prospect likes chatty sales people…not so much!

But good listeners who ask challenging questions, who educate and seek to understand?

Go straight to the top of the class…and you can collect your commission on the way.

A sales pitch that reflects the absolute needs of the buyer and not the broadcast message of the sales person is rare.

Just addressing this one point made the difference between a 1:25 close rate to a 1:7 close rate in less than 6 weeks with a recent client of mine.

How to hit sales target is a question that should really be rephrased…in any number of ways. Maybe:

How can we deliver a perfect fit solution for this buyer?

How can we demonstrate such value and such ROI that the buyer is begging to sign?

Which begs the question…how much time are you exploring what the buyer wants to buy instead of what you want to sell him?

No sales person can create value, a perfect solution fit or a massive ROI without asking some top rate questions.

It’s a easy fix.

And your buyers will love you.


To discover how to hit sales target and close more sales see the foot of this post.

And the Sales Presentation

You know what’s worse that a generic sales presentation?


Nothing is worse than a generic sales presentation, and if your sales presentation even hints at where you are based, how many employees you have and your year of incorporation, well I just don’t know what to say.

Stop it!

There are a few rules for a good sales presentation so you can close more sales:

  • Ensure it’s relevant to that specific buyer and his business…not yours.
  • Make sure it solves identified problems…problems you can agree on, problems you can both agree are worth solving.
  • Get a rough ROI illustration in there.
  • Build in an opportunity for the buyer to start selling your solution in his firm back to you.
  • It should end with you asking for the business.

No-one closes more sales by accident, you see, the truth is, you find a sales process and a sales system and you work it!

You stack all the factors in your favour.

Every sales lever you have at your disposal is brought into play and you make sure you get more ticks in your column than the next guy.

You create such value that the buyer says yes, or he wonders why and starts to question his own judgement.

How to close more sales, how to hit sales target…both common questions, easy to answer, simple to understand.

But why are as many of 54% of sales teams failing to hit sales targets?

That’s simple too. It’s the difference between knowing, understanding and doing.

It’s the difference between going through the motions and selling by rite versus engaging in every sales presentation like it’s the first ever fact find you’ve ever done.

The truth is, it’s not tough to be a great, an outstanding, sales person, today.

Mediocrity is every where.

You just have to be 0.1% better than the rest to close more sales.

Summary: How to Hit Sales Target

Join us.

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Discover how to hit sales target and close more sales by applying some of the above and if you need more information, please let us know.

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