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Business Development Workshop, Sheffield and South Yorkshire – Special Offer – £97pp

Perfect for Telelsales, Telephone Sales, Field Sales or Business Development and you’re carrying some steep sales targets, struggling to keep your competitors in their place, or simply want an upgrade on your current selling skills.

Hit the link for more details.

Business Development Workshop – Sheffield & South Yorkshire – £97pp

Join us now – especially if you’re looking for:

  • The sales and business development skills to build a solid well qualified, high quality sales pipeline
  • That’s full of sales prospects with the potential to convert
  • That understand your products/services and why they should buy from you instead of your competitors
  • And want to recognise you for the value you bring and not just your price tag

See how sales people just like you / your team are getting totally focused on driving their sales results higher and higher.

You can find all of this and more at the Business Development Workshop, Sheffield and South Yorkshire, Special Offer Available – The Sales Improvement Workshop for New Business Development Sales Teams

In just one day at the Business Development Workshop in Sheffield you can forever boost the sales results in your business.

You’ll have a focused, capable, skilled and motivated sales team, able to increase sales conversion rates, shorten sales cycles.

Ultimately increasing your sales turnover and sales margin.

And, because we want to give our home town a greater sales and revenue generating advantage over their global/national competitors, you get a great special offer on the price too.

If you’re based in Sheffield or South Yorkshire then this is for you:

Sales Training Sheffield - Business Development Workshop Sheffield

For more detail and how to book then hit the link – The Sales Improvement Workshop

This is the only sales skills training course and business development workshop in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to practically define the relationship between key sales skills, daily sales activities and their relationship with success in new business sales and sales lead conversion to order.

There are 10 key reasons why sales don’t close. NOW, you can discover how to combat every single one of these.

Does it mean you’ll close every single sale you go for after you’ve attended?

Absolutely not!

Will it mean you get a better chance of getting the order before your competitor does?


Come along. See how you can sell in just the way that matches how your buyers want to buy.

This sales skills training course specifically designed for business development for telephone sales, telesales, field sales and anyone who is carrying a sales target.

Containing everything new business development teams need to help then get a steady stream of sales opportunities that convert to orders.

In any sector B2B sales is highly competitive.

B2B sales teams face big challenges every day.

Big sales challenges like competitors selling cheap, selling badly, selling irresponsibly

Does that happen to you? Your sales team?

Perhaps you’re in insurance, recruitment, telecoms, business services, utilities, professional services, accountancy, and the myriad of other industries that are packed with providers that all look exactly the same!

Wouldn’t you like a sales advantage? One that lets you confidently address every single one of these sales challenges and more?

A competitive sales advantage that only you have.

Only you, so you get to close more sales, more often and with greater margins?

Plus, there are daily sale activities that boost sales and sales activities that stifle sales.

Find out how to do more of the former and less of the latter…

Don’t fall into those common business development black holes that can sink even the best of sales people.

In fact – this is the perfect day to step back from BEING a sales person /sales team and instead use the time to DECIDE what kind of sales person / sales team you really want to be.

The type of sales team you need to be to get the sales results to thrive.

Time to get everyone in the sales team on the same page, using the same message, executing at the same level

And, if you’ve ever wondered what it takes to become a high performance sales person, now is your chance to discover if you’ve really got what it takes.

Business Development Workshop, Sheffield & South Yorkshire 

All for just £97 per person 

This is the fastest way to reset your sales skills, review your sales ambitions and refocus your attention of what it takes to be a sales closer, because if you don’t do it now, then when will you?

Every day your your sales team are selling below par is a day gone where you’ve let sales, orders, revenue and margin drip through your fingers.

You’ve just made your competitor stronger.

How much stronger does he need to be to totally take down your sales team?

Do you really want to wait to find out?

B2B Sales Skills Training Course that Works….or you get your money back

One day.

To recharge your sales efforts, find out how high performing sales teams get the results they do…low on theory, high on impact.

Understand what makes a buyer buy, and how to use this information to flip prospects who are sitting on the fence into buying mode.

How you can get rid of your competitors legally…and come out the good guy.

Why asking one question can flip a sales pitch in your favour – and why most sales people are too scared to ask it, and you never will be.

Understand why price is not as important as you think, and why your buyer uses price to say what he can’t really say…and how you can avoid this happening to you

And why sales prospects go cold, and what to do to never suffer from this again…

Sales Training Sheffield - Business Development Workshop Sheffield

Ask any business leader about the relationship between the sales activities and sales results.

Ask about the business development skills of the sales team and the sales results of the business.

Ambition, Habits, Mindset, Focus, Skills, Daily Activities

They’ll all tell you there is a very direct,  important and ultimately business success defining relationship between daily sales activities, the level of skills and motivation of the business development effort and the turnover and margin achieved in the sales team.

You’ll not find a single sales leader able to disagree.

They all know.

Some activities and skills sets yield positive sales results, some suck sales out of the business.

The key is knowing which is which!

You’d be surprised.

Here’s another thing they’ll tell you: that if they could fully realise the extraordinary sales potential that exists within their team then they could dominate their sector, and smashing target would never be an issue.

You’re probably the same?

All that sales potential.

Sat in your offices.

All costing you a small fortune.

Some performing.

Others performing not so much.

All that sales potential, just waiting to be set free.

What would that look like for you?

For your business?

Your industry reputation?

Find out here – start your journey today, because if you don’t sign up, then you better hope your competitors don’t sign up either – The Business Development Workshop Sheffield

Just 1 Day – The B2B Sales Skills Training Course to Improve Your Sales Skills and Sales Results, Sales Motivation and Drive.

Spend just one day attending the Morton Kyle Limited B2B Sales Improvement Workshop . Discover everything your need to DO to make sure sales targets are smashed.  See how to get sales conversion rate climbing. Operate in a sales space where you’re no longer having to discount to get the order signed.

Just like you won’t need to waste your time with unprofessional buyers who mess you about, because you’ll be too busy. Too busy serving the needs to people who see just how much value you bring to their organisations.

This is the business development workshop to radically reprogram how you think about selling. Discover how YOU sell best and ultimately, how much you’ll earn for your self, and your business.

If you’ve ever wanted to find out how much you could really bill if you fully realised your sales potential, then this is the sales and business development training course for you.

Discover if you’re got more to give in your sales career.

You see, sales potential is great to have but it won’t get you very far. Whether you’re a sales person, a sales team or a business, your sales potential will never make you rich. At some point you have to release that potential. You have to DO something with it…

Here’s your chance.

Take it! Because even the best product or service will struggle if no-one is out there selling at the highest level.

Reserve your seat now – The B2B Sales Improvement Workshop

Business Development Workshop Sheffield – Perfect for ambitious B2B sales teams…

Don’t wait. It gets filled quickly.

Here’s how you sign up to reserve your seat now, because if you don’t do it now, when will you do it? The Sales Improvement Workshop

To discuss a bespoke sales skills training course, sales improvement and business development course for your sales team email or call 0779 002 1885

Happy Selling.

Carol. 0779 002 1885

p.s Are you looking for regular Sales and Business Development hints, tips, sales improvement insights – check this out – The Advanced Business Achiever 

p.p.s. Need a Sales Improvement Program to embed in your sales team and your business – check out TurboCharged Sales . The 21 day step by step guide to boosting sales performance on a rinse and repeat cycle.

This Business Development Workshop, Sheffield and South Yorkshire is offered at this lower price to help Sheffield and South Yorkshire outperform sales teams they compete with in the rest of the UK, Europe and the World

The Business Development Workshop Sheffield is available at just £97pp if you’re based in Sheffield or South Yorkshire.

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