Virtual Online Telephone Appointment Setting Training for Ambitious B2BSales Reps

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Virtual Online Telephone Appointment Setting Training for Ambitious B2BSales Reps

B2B telephone appointment setting training, UK based, delivered in a format to suit you, your team and your sales goals.

There is absolutely nothing more soul destroying than an empty or half filled sales diary.

Isn’t it gut wrenching to look at all of that white space?

It’s equally distressing to know that once a new business slot has passed by, it’s gone forever.

Even more upsetting when you’ve calculated what each diary sales slot is worth to you in terms of billable revenue…

So, Morton Kyle to the rescue….

Helping Sales Reps to Never Miss Another Selling Spot…

Saying goodbye to wasted sales days, sales weeks, and the inevitable question – why aren’t you pitching and quoting as often as you should?

It’s our number one aim on this sales training course.

To help you solve this soul destroying and revenue crippling situation, and to give you more sales opportunities that you can ever dream of.

Helping B2B sales reps, lead generators and telephone appointment setters operate in a state of abundance, it’s what we do!

Creating happy sales teams, running sales pipelines that are overflowing with high quality, well qualified, high converting sales opportunities.

Why Do We Love Delivering the Sales Training for Business Developers?

It’s simple.

If you get this bit right then you start something fantastic.

You’re there at the beginning of the business relationship, you are the key that makes the engine come to life.

If you don’t do enough to open the door then it matters not one jot about the skills of the people behind you…

You…just you, build sales pipelines and engage with senior decision makers persuasively and with influence.

As a sales rep, booking that first call with a potential decision maker is tough….it should be!

As part of our sales training course, we want to help you be up for the challengne.

Primed to be able to out perform your competitors…

And actually enjoy your job.

We know that enjoyment will come because you’re experiencing success personally from booking calls with positive outcomes more often than you’re suffering rejection.

Happy in the knowledge that you’re skills are a catalyst for sales success.

You’re the starting point for a great relationship, a sales referral, an enquiry, a quote, and order, and an invoice.

Those outcomes don’t come easily.

It takes someone extraordinary, with drive, ambition and tenacity to convert a cold list to a warm pipeline, to a hotter sales diary to a red hot order book!

Without motivated people who have mastered this critical success skill, the order book will always be less than it could be.

Morton Kyle Sales Training delivers the key skills needed to build a sales pipeline that converts.

For over 25 years, we’ve been helping sales reps from inside sales and field sales to ensure they never dread opening their diary ever again…

Nothing happens until the buyer and the seller start talking...and that’s usually by telephone…

Nothing at all.

Not even in the digital age…

And if you think I’m wrong about things being different in the digital age, just consider this.

Think about how many ‘buyers’ have downloaded your white paper, free guide or attended your webinar …

Think about the emails they’ve been sent, the generic and the tailored.

And what have you seen?

How many of those have you still not been able to get a conversation going with?

Reviews of those figures alone will show you exactly why picking up the telephone, engaging professionally, showing you care, doing your research so you’re not wasting the prospects time….is a critical skill set.

So join us and take full control over your sales call outcomes.

All because you’ve mastered the critical art of using the telephone to get prospects engaged, qualified and interested enough to take the next step with you.

Not your competitor…

Well, that’s a real super power bar none!

The quality of that first telephone interaction is the make or break.

The chance to have a great conversation or not…

4 is a Magic Number!

It really is!

It’s magic because of this single fact.

I know that if a sales rep or a sales team have 4X as many sales opportunities/revenue potential in their sales pipeline as they need to close in any one month than success is guaranteed!

How simple is that?

Of course – that 4X has to come from high quality, well qualified sales opportunities.

That’s where we come in.

Finding, qualifying and booking those sales opportunities that your competitors can’t.

And booking them in such a volume that your success is guaranteed way before the start of any sales momnth.

Preparation is everything is ensuring sales success.

With the Morton Kyle Sales Training – you don’t need to leave anything to chance!

Is your sales team suffering from an empty sales diary?

Let’s talk about ways that sales lead generation and telephone appointment setting, sales rep teams can smash their appointment booking, demo booking, quoting target…. instead of burning though leads and trashing data.

So, whether you’re looking to reactivate old accounts, create warm and qualified sales opportunities from cold lists, or simply get stuck into a few key niches where you know you can deliver outstanding value…

At some point, after all the unopened emails and fruitless LinkedIn stalking, you just need to pick up the phone.

Now you can do it with confidence, flair, enjoyment and no fear of rejection…all because you mastered the basics of telephone engagement.

Morton Kyle Telephone Appointment Setting Training for Ambitious B2B Sales Teams

It’s the sales and business development training you need when the sales team need to build confidence, insulate against prospect negativity and create sales muscle because…

Telephone appointment setting, lead generation and cold calling using the telephone is one of the fastest ways change sales fortunes.

That change can happen in days…

And once you know how, it’s easy cram the sales pipeline full of first class high quality, well qualified, hungry sales prospects who want to buy!

The telephone actually is a sales machine…and like all machines, if you want to know how to get the most from it, you’ve got to learn how to use it!

The telephone gives you all the control you don’t get from waiting for social media to kick in, all the control you certainly don’t get from pinging 100’s of emails.

Telephone Lead Generation Training that Sticks!

Discover the most up to day techniques that professional and successful sales teams are using to cut through the sales noise with busy and elusive sales prospects.

Differentiate you, your business and your telephone appointment setting team as marketing leaders, and not just part of a noisy, muddy sector full of discounters and pushy sales guys.

Create a safe environment for a peer to peer exchange with high quality sales prospects. Prospects who are interested to hear about your experience and skills, and comfortable enough to share with you they current challenges.

And…develop an appointment setting habit that works every day…

Learn how to avoid the three critical mistakes that telephone appointment setters make; namely, trying to sell the product or service, rather than the appointment, asking low grade questions and talking too much.

Build such value that the prospect’s curiosity gets the better of him. The prospect is confident his time’s not being wasted. He’s feeling relaxed in accepting the meeting request. This is important as it dramatically reduces no-shows.

Discover the shortest route to get from hello to booking without compromising the quality of the sales opportunity.

Construct a fool-proof sales qualification process that encourages your prospect to identify his own pain points AND his aspirations for the future.

Learn how to handle the most common sales objections and actually use them to your advantage.

Lay the ground work for a hands-on nurture where the prospect is not in a position to engage yet.

Get confident in asking for referrals and introductions from all of your telephone appointment generation calls.

Work on your habits, confidence, mindset and pipeline management to ensure the sales diary remains full.

Telephone Appointment Setting and Telephone Lead Generation that works…

It’s often regarded as the lowest skill set in the business, but it’s the most critical.

Just imagine the opportunities a well trained, hungry, motivated and professional telephone appointment setter can uncover in just 8 hours.

It’s a tough job, and only the very skilled and the very special succeed, most given up before they really hit their stride.

If you’ve got people on your team who needs to fill their (or someone else’s) sales diary then this course will help them do that.

More importantly it will help them fill a sales diary with high quality, well qualified prospects who want to engage. After all, anyone can fill a sales diary full of rubbish contacts, no shows and time wasters…

Who has time for that?

So, to really kick start the sales pipeline. Let’s talk.

Help your team make the most use of face to face selling time.

Motivate the internal sales lead generation and telephone appointment setting team to work their magi.

Take away the stress and dread that comes from seeing an empty sales diary.

Let’s chat to discuss how this telephone appointment generation training course will work for you.

And your sales and appointment setting / lead generation team.

B2B Telephone Appointment Setting Training, UK based, bespoke sales training course or generic, for more information contact Carol on 0779 002 1885

You can also download this Free guide – all about Sales Appointment Setting and Filling the Sales Diary

B2B Telephone Appointment Setting Training, UK – or the same course can be delivered virtually if you’re working outside of the UK.

Start today and fill your sales planners with high quality, well qualified sales prospects who want to buy.

Before your competitors do!

If you want to consider selling across the whole sales cycle – from Hello to Order – then check out The Sales Improvement Workshop

Morton Kyle Limited – B2B telephone appointment setting training, UK based, and able to deliver in person or virtually if you operate outside of the UK.

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