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Sales Training Courses – Monthly – Sheffield

Sales Training – Monthly – Sheffield…for you if you’ve ever wondered how high performance sales teams get the sales results they do…

Have you ever wanted to know how high performing sales professionals get the sales results they do?

I bet you have.

I know you’ll have looked at Sales Award Ceremonies and asked the very same question lots of sales leaders do.

How do they do it?

  • What’s their strategy to remove their competitors?
  • How do they engage with the sales prospect?
  • What are they doing that my sales team aren’t doing?
  • Consistently, how do they smash target without creating another two working days every week?
  • What do they do differently, so they are signing business up at such a rate?
  • How come they’re collecting the nice commission cheques, nice cars…when my sales team struggle to hit target?
  • Plus being promoted on a regular basis….look how fast their team has grown and their business has grown

What is it?

Is it their product? Their service? The market? The sales management? The reward structure? Their sales training?

Just what is it?

If you’ve ever thought how unfair your sales target is and how you’d need to be Super Sales Person and Super Sales Leader to hit those numbers, then you can relax, the answer to all those questions and more is here.

Monthly Sales Training Courses – Sheffield – Just £97pp (plus vat) 

Join us in Sheffield and discover how:

  • High performing sales professionals get the sales results they do, AND
  • How you can enjoy the same target smashing sales results using all the skills, techniques, insights and systems they use.

This is Sales Training for Sales Champions.

Here’s where you can claim your seat – Save My Seat

All for you. In just one day!

It’s a wicked cycle – wanting to attend sales training to but not having the time to get away from the field for long lengthy sessions.

That’s why this sales training is completely different.

It’s sales training designed for the busy, stressed, over worked sales professional who needs a rapid injection of skills, motivation, clarity and insight…to push them to the next sales level.

The sales training is also designed for you if you’d rather see a MUCH bigger commission cheque at the end of the month, then sign up here and secure your place on the next Sales Improvement Workshop in Sheffield.

Do It Now!

Just hit the link and head on over to book – just £97 pp (plus VAT) and enjoy the ONE day that will revolutionise how you sell forever.

It will change how you think about sales, about business development, about filling and managing your sales pipeline, plus, you’ll never look at prospects in the same way ever again.

So – here’s the link – Save My Seat – get your place secured and join us.

If you’re still wondering if this is for you…ask yourself these questions…

Are you happy with your current pay cheque and rewards?

Happy with your current career pathway and prospects?

Do you feel you could do so much better?

Does the thought of rapidly escalating your earnings and your career prospects excite you?

If you’re looking to radically change your career prospects, your earning potential, how your regarded in your team and the business, then I look forward to meeting with you.

If not…then let’s be very clear on one thing.

Your pay cheque is a direct reflection on the value you bring to your company. Ouch!

Therefore – if you want a bigger pay cheque, then you need to deliver more value to your clients and your business.

Do you have the sales and business development skills to do that today?

Can you deliver that extra value?

Do you KNOW what that extra value looks like to your customer?

If you’re even asking yourself this question – you need to book on this sales training day and find out if you’re the best, highest performing version of you that you can be…because, you know what?

It would be such a shame to wait a minute longer to find out if you’re the best sales version of you…that’s just time and money wasted.

Plus; the fact that you’re even considering these questions, let’s me know you think you’ve got more to give.

Join us. This is sales training specifically designed to launch your sales results to the next level.

What else?

Join me, I’ll show you how you can:

  • Build a truly compelling, influential and persuasuive sales pitch
  • Create an endless stream of high quality leads – guaranteed
  • Fill your sales pipeline with good quality business prospects and hungry customers
  • Remove your competitors from the playing field
  • Build such value that your prospect thinks it’s a NO-Brainer to sign with you
  • Use price and positioning to ensure your get only good quality business
  • Manage your activity levels so you’ll never have to worry about hitting target again
  • Discover how to get better quality business, more often so you can sign bigger deal
  • Manage your time to ensure you’re top of the leader board
  • Use an objection free sales pitch that works with every prospect
  • Be a highly consultative, trusted expert, value provider
  • Ensure the prospect will enjoys and benefits from the sales process
  • Progress leads through the sales process faster so you’re at less risk of competitor attack
  • Explore value, risk and price in line with the buyers needs and their deepest fears
  • Plus…so much more…

You’ll learn at least 20 things to boost your sales performance today.

At least 20 things…at least. 20 ways to get better sales results today!

Yeah right…well how about this…

Money Back Guarantee

Ok – here’s the deal, if you attend the sales training and you haven’t learnt at least 10 new things before 1o.30 am on the day, then you can leave and I’ll give you your money back straight away. No questions asked.

How’s that for a money back guarantee that’s worth something.

Here’s the link…Save My Seat

After all, what do you have to lose?

What do you have to gain?

How much longer can you be the sales person that’s earning a fraction of what they could?

You owe yourself the biggest bonus check possible, the best sales career, the best rewards…don’t you?

Let’s start today…here’s the first step…Save My Seat

Sales Training for Sales Champions.  Sales Training for YOU!





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